Welcome to “Den Gule Svane” – our delightful Guest House on the Danish island of Bornholm (I call it “the little Danish island that thinks it is in the Caribbean!)

Our accommodations offer self-catering options within your apartment, and if desired, we can deliver breakfast to your door as an extra service.

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Our journey began serendipitously in 2020 when we decided to modernize some of the rooms in our home, originally constructed in 1888 as a small school. This transformation resulted in three meticulously restored and upgraded apartments. We affectionately named them ‘The Loft,’ situated in the old attic, while the two smaller apartments pay homage to ancient trees flourishing in our garden: ‘The Cherry’ and ‘The Fig Studio.’Bornholm, often hailed as ‘The Sunshine Isle,’ is the talk of the town, renowned for its sandy and rocky beaches, culinary delights, and laid-back island lifestyle. Summer street markets, a cherished tradition, showcase local goods such as crafts, fresh berries, fruits, jams, chutneys, and farm produce. In the charming street markets and boutique shops, you can find exquisite glassware, pottery, fresh raspberries, smoked fish, local cheeses, and sausages. Craft beers, island akvavits, spirits, and the artisanal licorice, beloved by Scandinavians, are also readily available on the island.

Nestled amidst farmlands and meadows, our yellow house is less than 1 km from the sea in Arnager. Bornholm’s exceptional sunshine hours make it a true gem among Scandinavian destinations.

Golf enthusiasts will find an 18-hole golf course just 5 km away, easily accessible by a 15-minute bicycle ride. Anglers can indulge in their passion with the sea and well-stocked dams only 750 meters from our doorstep.

If you’re seeking the famous white beaches, you’re in the right place. We’re conveniently located near Stampen, Onsbaek, and Arnager, all within easy cycling distance. From Arnager, sandy beaches stretch all the way to Boderne, Duedde (a 5 km-long beach which was recently voted as the 17th best beach in Europe), and Snoggebæk.

Our commitment to an ecological lifestyle is evident in our use of tree branches for creating natural wall-fences in our garden. This practice not only minimizes waste but also attracts various bird species and small animals, including hedgehogs, which we actively support as members of the Danish Friends of the Hedgehog Society. We’ve also added a pétanque (boules) court and offer bicycles for rent to enhance your stay. Bornholm is a cyclist’s paradise, with well-paved paths laid on old railway lines.

A local bus stop is conveniently located nearby, offering easy access to explore the island.

Upon arrival, you won’t find a rose on your pillow, but you will discover cold fresh milk from island cows and a jug of our renowned Bornholm water in your fridge. Additionally, we provide coffee, tea, sugar, cooking oil, vinegar, shower gel, and shampoo in the bathroom, all complimentary. Towels, bed linen, on-site parking, free Wi-Fi, and Netflix are included in our daily unit rate, without any additional cleaning fees or damage deposits. Rest assured, our eco-friendly air-to-hot water pump ensures a hot shower.

Please note that our property is near a small regional airport, and the road can become busy, especially during the summer months, due to increased tourist traffic. There may be occasional airport noise, particularly in the summer. If this presents an issue, you have the option to cancel your booking up to 30 days before check-in, with a refund, minus any banking fees.

Most of the images on this site are used with the permission of Destination Bornholm and for any information on the island, places to see, events etc we strongly recommend you go to their website: https://bornholm.info/en/

Our recommendations include picnics at various scenic spots, swimming at beautiful beaches like Boderne, indulging in local cuisine at restaurants like Kadeau, Le Port in Vang, H8 and Skot-In (for burgers), exploring the island’s craft beers, and enjoying horse and cart races at Brand Park. Golf, fishing, hiking along the Coastal Path, and cycling on the island’s extensive network of paths are also popular pastimes.


Weather and Climate on Bornholm

Bornholm experiences relatively mild temperature variations compared to continental climates. The contrast between average summer and winter temperatures is just 22°C. This moderation is attributed in part to the influence of the Baltic Sea’s temperate conditions. The warmest months, typically July and August, maintain an average daily temperature of 20°C, although thermometers can easily climb above 30°C.

Bornholm receives less rainfall than other regions of Denmark, with the majority occurring in the autumn and winter seasons. Summers tend to be drier. The highest frequency of rainy days falls during winter, which also accounts for Bornholm having the most snow in Denmark. The island was blanketed in snow for several weeks during the record winter of 2010. The maritime climate, influenced by sea winds, contributes to rapid weather changes on Bornholm.

Water temperature:
Owing to the gradual warming of the Baltic Sea, springtime water temperatures hover around 7°C. It’s only toward the end of May that water temperatures exceed 10°C, marking a suitable range for swimming. By midsummer and late summer, these temperatures rise to around 20°C near the shoreline and persist until September. Bornholm enjoys a statistically longer bathing season compared to the rest of Denmark. During winter, the Baltic Sea temperature remains above freezing, with no drop below 0°C.

Humidity follows a consistent pattern throughout the year, resembling the distribution of rainfall. Spring is the driest season, with a slight increase in humidity during summer, reaching its peak in winter.



We love this quote from Vogue magazine:

“Bornholm has many claims to fame. A favorable microclimate ensures the most hours of sunshine in all of Denmark, while the white sand on the beaches is so fine Napoleon himself is said to have had an hourglass made to house it. It is also home to Denmark’s highest waterfall, the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe at Hammershus, and four round churches believed to have been built in the 12th and 13th centuries by the Templar Knights, who some say may even have hidden the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant here.

Nicknamed the sunshine island, this remote landmass is bursting with postcard-perfect fishing villages, white sand beaches, a thriving artistic community, and a restaurant so exceptional that food lovers pilgrimage to it from around the globe. There are mysterious legends worthy of Indiana Jones and a rich ecosystem that makes the island a paradise for foragers.  If your guess is Hawaii, the Maldives, or Bali, think again. Because this is Denmark—and, more precisely, the Baltic island of Bornholm.”

The images on our website showcase Bornholm’s diverse beauty, from its stunning beaches and lush forests to its vibrant culture.

We hope you’ll consider spending your Bornholm getaway with us.