Booking and Prices

You can book directly through us, or via, or

Our prices are based on current tourism trends on the island. (The prices you see on are the current, valid ones) .

For 2024/25 I suggest you look at the site.

Pricing: The Loft

Recently we have put the price for the Loft on a sliding scale as it was unfair to charge 2 persons the same as 6 persons. So, we reduced the price for 2 persons and if you want to book the Loft and you are more than 2 persons use this formula to see how much it will be:

2 Persons: Normal price (‘normal’ price depends on the season, higher in Summer)
3 Persons: Normal price increased by 25%
4 Persons: Normal price increased by 40%
5 Persons: Normal price increased by 44%
6 Persons: Normal price increased by 48%

Remember the price includes all extras like towels, electricity, linen, shampoo etc, and the 295 dk cleaning fee is small, smaller than what other places are charging (up to 1000 dk).


 Pricing is usually higher if a day you want to book is on a Public Holiday or falls in the Danish school vacations.

Because it is practical and economically sensible guests all bookings must be for a minimum of 2 nights. On public holidays vacations it may be more than the normal 2 days. In the Summer it is standard practice on the island that bookings are for a minimum of 5 or 6 nights.

There are two ways to book:

Direct with us

The advantage of doing it directly with us is that it will be cheaper as we do not use a credit card system and you get a 5% discount.

This is how that works:

  1. To find out if the apartment you want is available on the dates you want, you can ask us via SmS  (+45 60144399,) or email ( Or secondly, by checking on ( . Once you are on their site, type in: ‘Bornholm, your dates, number of persons, etc’. Then to save time you type in if you are looking for: ‘the Loft Apartment’: ‘5 adults’ and ‘near Rønne & Beach’, and after some scrolling you will find it, (see picture below for the ‘Loft’ from the website). The same obviously applies to ‘The Fig Apartment’ or ‘The Cherry Apartment’, just type in ‘2 adults’, and after some scrolling you will find it, see pictures from the website.
  2. You then send us an email ( in which you tell us:
    1. Your name and telephone number
    2. The apartment you want and
    3. The dates you want to book
    4. Also, if you want to have breakfasts or rent a bicycle (specify numbers etc).
  3. We will then immediately block off those days for you, and email the final price back to you. In any event the price will be 5% lower than the amount shown by
  4. You must then pay that amount. It can be done:
    1. Pay it directly into our bank account (see bank details below) with a normal bank transfer (remember that if you are paying in euros, pounds, dollars or any non-Danish krone currency, you have to add on 1% of the total price to cover currency conversion costs. This can be avoided if you instruct your bank to pay in DKK)  or,
    2. MobilePay: 60 144 399
    3. Use Wise ( to pay directly into our bank account, just take the prices on, deduct 5%, add any extras like breakfasts etc and pay that amount using these bank details:
      Name: Den Gule Svane I/S
      Bank: Arbejdernes Landsbank
      IBAN: DK2153400000242104
      Swift/BIC: ALBADKKK

      Then email proof of your payment to us. Only then will your booking be confirmed and we will immediately email you that it is final and valid.

      Remember our price per night is for the whole apartment and already includes: the  towels and bed linen, free parking, heating, electricity and water, WIFI and Netflix and the cleaning fee (200 dk for the Fig Studio and the Cherry, and 295 dk for the Loft) is much lower than what other hosts charge, sometimes up to 1000 dk.
      We also do not ask for a damages deposit.

  5. Breakfast: Is not included in the price but can be provided. Guests must preferably arrange it with us 24 hrs in advance. The typical breakfast cost is: 110 DK per person, and limited variations (vegan, gluten-free etc) are possible, but will cost slightly more (ask Sofie for a quote). We deliver your breakfast in a basket or a tray at your front door, as room service,  between 07.00 and 09.30 only.
  6. You might also want to book one of our 4 standard bicycles,  at an extra cost of 75 DK per day.
  7. Terms & Conditions
    – Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours of booking, with a full refund (minus bank costs),
    – Full refund for cancellations made at least 30 days before check-in (minus bank costs),
    – If guests booked less than 30 days before check-in, but cancel no more than 14 days before check-in, there is a full refund (minus bank costs). After that there is no refund. In such cases guests can use the money they have paid by making an alternative booking, in the same, or one of the other two apartments.

Booking Agencies

The second way is to use (or Airbnb):  once you are on their site, type in: ‘Bornholm, your dates, number of persons, etc’. Then, to save time you type in if you are looking for: ‘the Loft Apartment’:  type in ‘5 adults’ and ‘near Rønne & Beach’, and after some scrolling you will find it, (see picture below for the Loft from the website).

‘The Fig Apartment’ or ‘The Cherry Apartment’, type in ‘2 adults’, and after some scrolling you will find it, see pictures from the website.

Some practical matters:

There are a couple of items that we would like to bring your attention to make your stay even more pleasant:

  • Breakfast: Is NOT included in the price but it is of course available if you order it!
    • You may have seen from the reviews from guests that our optional breakfasts (Continental-Danish) are enjoyable and popular. Gluten-free and vegan versions can be requested (small extra 5dk cost). Please inform us in advance if you want to order breakfasts, (it costs 110 DK per breakfast) and
    • whether you prefer coffee or tea in the morning. Also if you prefer it to be vegetarian or vegan. You can always tell us (on the 2nd day) if you prefer your coffee/tea stronger (or weaker), or your eggs harder or softer, or  if you don’t for instance like muesli or honey. These are the sort of basic adjustments to the breakfast you can tell us about.
    • We deliver it to your apartment door, as room service, and it is served between 7.00 and 9.30, or earlier/later, at a specific time of your choice.
  • Ferry booking.
    If you are travelling to Bornholm in the Summer, it is very important that you book your ferry ticket as soon as possible because some of our guests have had to cancel their reservation because there were no ferry tickets available anymore!
  • Extras included in the price:
    • Unlike most other apartments/rooms you can rent on the island the normal cleaning fee is much lower than other places charge. (some places charge 1 000 dk cleaning costs!) But, in exchange we ask you to please leave your apartment as tidy and clean as possible.
    • All towels, bed linen, shampoos, soaps, heating, wifi, Netflix, electricity, toilet paper and parking are included in the room price.
    • Because some guests arrive late and would appreciate a cup of coffee we place (fresh!) milk in your fridge, plus some fresh ground coffee (from Rwanda or Columbia) and some instant coffee. The same goes for tea.
    • Damages deposit: You will notice that unlike other places we did NOT add an amount to the total, (or put it on your credit card), to cover any possible damages to our property caused by yourselves as we have learnt so far that our guests are very well-behaved. So, we ask politely that you treat our apartment and its contents with the same respect you have for your own home. Accidents do happen of course and if they do, please tell us about it, and if the damage is not big, we will just write it off, but if there are big costs, we would naturally ask you to pay those costs.So, the amount you have paid will cover all the costs, no hidden electricity or such costs.
  • Check-In is strictly between 16.00 and 18.00!
    We realise that with erratic arrival times of the ferries your timing is not completely in your own hands. So, you are welcome to drop off your luggage from 12.00 but we cannot give access before the normal time of 16.00 as the apartment may still need to be cleaned (up to a Covid-free standard) and refreshed and we only have those few hours available between the previous guests checking out (which can be as late as 11.00) and 16.00 to get your room ready for you. We prefer to meet all guests personally. If you have no choice but to make your check-in later than 19.00,  you can ring our front doorbell. Just follow the blue ‘Reception’ sign along th gravel pathway to our front door, or even better, you can SMS us on 45 60 14 43 99 or 45 40 33 60 80 (we cannot always access the phone quickly, so please do not leave a voice message, the best is to send us an SMS instead). If it is really late, say after 22.00, just go directly to your apartment, it will be unlocked and you will find your key in the door of your apartment, but try to be quiet when you arrive as other guests may already be sleeping.
  • Check-out is strictly before 10.00 am because we need the apartment cleared so that we can clean it and prepare it for the next guests that can arrive in the early afternoon of that same day. Would you kindly hand the key back to us personally, unless you have made other arrangements with us.
  • Legal responsibility for safety of children: As you will no doubt understand we cannot be held responsible for the injuries that any child may suffer whilst staying at our BnB, whether the child is in one of the apartments or outside in the garden. Our Loft apartment has a terrace on the 1st floor and whilst the terrace has safe, and sturdy balusters and stairs, with a hand rail, it nevertheless requires that a parent or minder keeps a constant eye on any children playing on that terrace. The same applies when a child is playing outside or in the garden. Looking after a child is the sole responsibility of that child’s parent or minders.
  • Transport on the island: you can use a taxi (Dantaxi +45 5695 2031) or the public transport (BAT: +45 5695 post@bat.dko, 2121 Munch Petersens Vej 2, 3700 Rønne) to reach us from the ferry terminal or the airport. Google ‘Bornholm Info’ and you will reach a good site about Bornholm that gives all the information about buses and taxis, plus all other important information you may want about Bornholm. It is in different languages.
  • If you need any suggestions on what to see on the island or where to go, we suggest you look at the info on Destination Bornholm ( which covers aspects such as Attractions, Transport, Events, Shopping and Food and Drinks.
  • Lost Keys: Although we do not ask for a deposit to cover damages (to keep the costs down) some guests sometimes lose the apartment key at the beach. Obviously, they have to cover the costs to replace these keys and at the moment it works out to about 100 Dk, which has to be paid in cash when the new key is handed to them (the same goes for any other property damages). This is why we recommend guests use the Key Lock Box (it is located inside the Bicycle Shed, see picture) to leave their key in when they leave the apartment. The code for each one will be given to you if you wish to use it.
  • We have 4 sturdy bicycles available for rent (75 DK per day) which you can use to go to the beach (only 1km away) for shopping (6km) or explore the island. You can pay this in cash.
  • There is also a petanqué (boules) court with all the necessary playing equipment, and that is included in the price as well.
  • If you are coming with the ferry, it is useful for us to know what your arrival time will be.
  • How to get there:
    We are located just outside Rønne, at Søndre Landevej 11, 3700 Rønne.
    Travelling from Rønne towards the airport, Arnager or Dueodde you take the Søndre Landvej, direction airport. You go past the airport building on your right, heading towards Arnager. You will pass a road on your left, Vellensbyvej and continue another 100 or 200 metres and on your left, in between trees, you will see our yellow home, ‘Den Gule Svane’, (just before you get to the Arnager turn-off on your right). There is a yellow farm stall at our entrance, and a #11 painted on an old milk can. You will see the blue sign with the name ‘Den Gule Svane’.
  • Baby crib and high chair
    These are available but you should order them well in advance to be sure that we have one available for you.
  • BBQ’s and Loungers: there are a few kettle BBQ’s and sun loungers available and you can find them under the stairs, where the box with the pétanque set is stored.
  • Electricity
    Some of the electrical work done in the renovation does not always work as planned and you may find that if you use various electrical appliances at the same time, for instance the microwave and the kettle and the stove, that the electricity trips out. Just let us know, either with an SMS, or perhaps the simplest if you knock on our front door and we will switch it back on again immediately.
  • Garbage Guidelines
    At the entrance of the property, just behind the farmstall (see picture on this website) there is a small container park area to dispose of following garbage:

    • Black Container: For general garbage: Waste bag for the household refuse like left-over food scraps, milk cartons, tins, plastic and dirty packaging materials.
    • Green Container: For paper and clean carboard.
    • Glass container: You can also dispose of bottles and glass at supermarkets in the big ball-shaped containers at the car parking area.
    • ‘PANT’ Container: For empty bottles or cans. Such bottles/cans should not be discarded. Return them to any supermarket (at the usual machine for taking back bottles) and use the refund for purchases in the shop or donate it to charity. If the bottle/can does not have the PANT logo place in the Black (cans) or Glass container.
    • Old Batteries:
      Place them in a plastic bag and in the batteries box.
  • A handy drying rack (one for each apartment) for your wet towels are available is hanging in the bicycle shed. The wind dries clothing out quite fast.

Remember there are only two ways to contact us:

    • Send an SMS to +45 60 14 43 99 (do not leave a voice message, we usually never get to it), or
    • Via email:

Air Fryer: we have added an Air Fryer to the kitchen to make your meal preparations even easier and tastier, but as it is electronic, please use it exactly according to the instructions. (An air fryer is a small countertop convection oven designed to simulate deep frying without submerging the food in oil. A fan circulates hot air at high speed, producing a crisp layer via browning reactions).

Bicycle Guide:

Hiking & Walking:

Public Charging Stations for Electric Cars on Bornholm
Bornholm is a sustainable and climate-friendly island community. Therefore, you can charge your electric car in the different areas of Bornholm. On the website of Destination Bornholm, they have a list where you can charge your car’s electric battery. Under no circumstances can it be charged at Den Gule Svane as our electricity system is not designed for it and trying to use it will mean you will create a serious electrical problem, leading to costs for yourself.

So, get your car charged at one of the many points all over the island.

We do not charge you for using our electricity to charge your electric bicycle battery, but it must be used reasonably.

Lastly, we don’t want to set too many rules, you are on holiday after all, but there are two friendly requests we’d like to make:

  • as there are other guests, sometimes with children, (and ourselves) in the building try to be reasonable about making a lot of noise at night.
  • Stick to the Scandinavian practice of removing your shoes when entering the apartment. We ask this because some guests spend the day on the beach and then, when they return, the whole apartment floor is covered in sand! Not a problem as such, but if we have to clean and get the apartment ready for the guests following you, and sometimes we just have an hour in which to do so, it makes our life easier if we don’t have to spend extra time on removing sea sand.

Guest Reviews

Most of the reviews by guests are to be found on and but since this season we also have guests that find us via Google Maps. Here you see those that have left reviews.