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Most visitors to Bornholm arrive with the fast Catamaran ferry, usually the one from Ystad in Sweden to Rønne, or from Sassnitz in Germany. Alternatively, you could arrive with the slower ferry from Koge, near Copenhagen. In summer there are usually daily trips, and you can come by car, bicycle or on foot (For information and tickets see:

The other, faster way is by air with DAT airlines who also have a number of flights per day (see ) from Copenhagen.

From Copenhagen you can also take the bus direct to Bornholm (the bus obviously also has to use the ferry and  your ticket includes the ferry ticket in the price (see:

Once on the island, cycling is a fantastic way to see the island, but you can obviously also hire a car or electrical scooter.

As we are close to the airport and the ferry harbour, you can arrange with Dantaxi for a taxi to collect you.

We are located just outside Rønne at Søndre Landevej 11, 3700 Rønne.

How to get there: When you have passed the airport building, coming from the Rønne side, look out for our yellow home, Den Gule Svane, in the wheat fields,  surrounded by tall trees, on the left-hand side, just before you get to the Arnager turn-off. This cheerful, yellow farm stall is what you must look out for, it’s on the side of the road, at the entrance of ‘Den Gule Svane’ (our entrance). Or, you can look out for the blue sign with our logo and name, or a big # 11 on the old milk can.

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